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iStarUSA BPN-DE Series Trayless Hot-Swap Mobile Racks

iStarUSA BPN-DE Series Trayless Hot-Swap Mobile Racks for 3.5" Hard Disk Drives supporting both SAS and SATA interfaces

iStarUSA BPN-DE Series Trayless Hot-Swap Mobile Racks for SAS/SATA Hard Disk Drives

The All New iStar BPN-DE Series Trayless Hot-Swap Mobile Racks

iStarUSA BPN-DE Series Trayless Hot-Swap Mobile Racks for SAS/SATA Hard Disk Drives

iStarUSA's Trayless BPN-DE supporting both SAS and SATA interfaces, can easily convert standard 5.25" Optical Drive bay (also known as "CD" drive bay), into usable and Hot-Swappable drive bays for standard 3.5 inch hard drives. The iStarUSA BPN-DE Series are universally compatible with most industry standard commercial and consumer computer cases featuring regular 5.25" Optical Drive Bays.

iStar BPN-DE Series

Tray-less Design makes it Tool-less !

iStarUSA's BPN-DE Series feature Trayless Design so there is no need for screws and screw drivers for installing and removing hard disk drives. Thanks to the Trayless Design multiple Hard Disk Drives can be mounted in to the Hot-Swap Mobile Rack in a matter of seconds.
Having the capability to carry raw data from one system to another is the key to high production speed. This need for speed is satisfied with a tray-less drive bay design that allows users to physically take out the data and plug it into other tray-less equipped drive bays to populate the data previously recorded elsewhere.

The Aluminum Frame

These drive cages are constructed with full aluminum frame and bezels with stylish rims that resemble that of diamond emblems. This design not only helps dissipate heat, but it also reduces the overall weight of the computer case or chassis. Media production and travelling requires more equipment at a lighter weight, and these drive cages are the best choices for production systems.

RAID Storage

Studio productions make gigabytes of data on a daily basis, and loosing that data is unacceptable. The BPN-DE Series drive cages are RAID capable with your own controller. With individual SAS or SATA connectors, each hard drive can be configured to mirror data according to the users preferences. The LED lights will clearly indicate drive activities in the bays, which can also be enabled or disabled from the back of the drive cage.

Security is the Key

Each drive bay is protected by a key lock to prevent unathourized access to hard disk drives.


iStar BPN-DE Series

Cooling Technology

Data transfer can emit a great deal of heat, especially at a blazing 12.0 gigabits per second SAS rate. The BPN-DE Series feature all aluminum construction for better heat dissipation of the hard disk drives. In order to improve the air-flow there are also louvres built-in to the handles in the front.

The exhaust fan comes with an adjustable fan speed switch to better suit the needs of the system and noise levels.

The exhaust fan is an industry standard one, so if you prefer using your favorite fan brand, the Removable Fan Cover allows tech enthusiasts to easily swap the fans.

For Volume Orders in OEM Bulk packaging please use the OEM Factory Codes starting with AN-D . Please see the Specifications for more information!

BPN-DE Series Are Also Available in Wood !   

Models   BPN-DE110SS
(Same as OEM Model # AN-D11)
1x3.5" SATA/SAS Trayless Hot-Swap Cage
(Same as OEM Model # AN-D23)
3x3.5" SAS/SATA Trayless Hot-Swap Cage
(Same as OEM Model # AN-D34)
4x3.5" SAS/SATA Trayless Hot-Swap Cage
(Same as OEM Model # AN-D35)
5x3.5" SAS/SATA Trayless Hot-Swap Cage

146.1 mm x
41.9 mm x
180.3 mm
145.0 mm x
85.1 mm x
194.1 mm
145.0 mm x
125.0 mm x
197.9 mm
145.0 mm x
125.0 mm x
197.9 mm

Drive Bays
5.25" Drives: 1
3.5" Hotswap: 1
5.25" Drives: 2
3.5" Hotswap: 3
5.25" Drives: 3
3.5" Hotswap: 4
5.25" Drives: 3
3.5" Hotswap: 5

HDD Type


Indicators Blue for Power on / Purple for HDD Access

Material of

Material of
Main Chassis

Material of
Front Bezel

Color of
Main Chassis

Color of
Front Bezel

Cooling Fan 1x40mm
Optional Fan
  1x70mm Cooling Fan
  1x80mm Cooling Fan
  1x80mm Cooling Fan

OEM Ordering Information
(Factory Part Number)

Black Handle: AN-D11-BLACK

Blue Handle: AN-D11-BLUE

Red Handle: AN-D11-RED

Silver Handle: AN-D11-SILVER

Black Handle: AN-D23-BLACK

Blue Handle: AN-D23-BLUE

Red Handle: AN-D23-RED

Silver Handle: AN-D23-SILVER

Black Handle: AN-D34-BLACK

Blue Handle: AN-D34-BLUE

Red Handle: AN-D34-RED

Silver Handle: AN-D34-SILVER

Black Handle: AN-D35-BLACK

Blue Handle: AN-D35-BLUE

Red Handle: AN-D35-RED

Silver Handle: AN-D35-SILVER

Package Content
SATA Cable Included (1pcs)

SATA Cable Included (3pcs)

SATA Cable Included (4pcs)

SATA Cable Included (5pcs)